Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Free Speech and Insanity

This may be a lot late to write about this, yet this has been at the back of my mind for a long time. We had loads of news about the Mohammed cartoons, loads really and we even heard the news about the editors not feeling sorry for it and how it was to defend free speech. They MAY have been right, though I am of the opinion that they were not. Their argument about free speech falls flat on its face when one considers the fact that the widespread damage that the riots caused, not to speak of the fact that it cost a few lives.

Of course, I forget, we have been desensitised. Free speech be damned, anyone with some good sense will surely know that if their "wiggling fingers" "Right" comments cause damage, big damage, they must apologise for it. I have not seen the cartoons myself, yet I heard one of them carried the following line "Its hard to be loved by fools". Indeed, thats why those newspapers got that much coverage, loved by fools. I incidentally also heard that other papers were conducting a "Holocaust Cartoon Competition". This is utter madness, what is anybody trying to prove? And for those of you who would condemn me for writing this, let me tell you, I am not against free speech, only insanity. This is free speech, that is not. A lot of papers carried the cartoons, yet I dare even one to carry the picture I am attaching, not very well executed, but I hope it conveys what I am trying to say. I would never do a holocaust cartoon, but I would do this. And for those of you who feel that I have identified only one paper, please feel free to insert the other names that you so feel there.