Saturday, December 18, 2004

Fun Stuff

Omigosh, I composed a really long blog and that was lost as the computer restarted for apparently no reason, so ill compose it again. There's a lot to write, but i'll start with computers, here's some nice websites and software.

Bittorrent: Get a good bittorrent "client", eg.ABC, G3 Torrent or Bittorrent lite(this one allows you to search) and install it, then go to a website like and search for the file you want. The download the link and drag it into the bittorrent window. The "client" will askk you where you want to save the file, so say where and save

File Sharing: Dont ever get kazaa, get kazaa lite and search for the files you want and then download it

Stumbleupon and figure it out

Sodaplay Http://

Messenger 7 Beta


This software gets the lyrics for the songs you are playing automatically

Selective File Sharing I may have sent some of you (my good friends) invites, click on the links in the invites and then register. Then I can stream you music if I'm online - like radio and you can download CERTAIN FILES ONLY of my comp and vice versa

Free MP3 legal downloads

For physics and astronomy enthusiasts

For your queries

For anonymous mail

For sending emails to me just like that without opening your email account

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