Sunday, August 24, 2008 - My latest

My newest post was pretty long (with this it wont be my newest anymore; but let's spare the technicalities), So I set the year of publishing as 1988 so it doesn't show up here and the other posts are visible as well. Read my latest at

I'm not going to talk much about it. Instead I'll let my disdain for customer service in general and in particular with ICICI Lombard Insurance and particularly in India be known.

Here are transcripts of the chat I had with customer service. (with my contact details * bleeped * out)

Tilak: May I know what is your query?

Avinash CHandrashekar: yes

Avinash CHandrashekar: I was charged for an insurance policy that I tried to buy

Avinash CHandrashekar: but wasn't able to"

Read for yourself what follows at


Suraj said...


perhaps you could hav snipped it to jus 1 paragraph and add a more link to it..

If i Remember, there is a tag that should do this on bloger

Suraj said...

take a look here for an example.